Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birthday party

Madeleine and her friend Ansley

I cannot get enough of these poufy skirts!!

normally I object to putting these ludicrous things on baby girls' heads just so that people know the child in question is not a boy.  But sometimes I just cave b/c sparkles are the best!

Ukulele? now it's a party!

I think it's the shoes that make the ensemble

The cakes were made from this recipe but Madeleine's cake didn't have the glaze, and the frosting was just cream cheese mixed w/ apple juice concentrate (and food coloring, of course, she IS a Sassaman) (also, I modified the grown-up's frosting by leaving out the cinnamon and adding in lemon juice and rind.  super tasty!)

I saw this wall of balloons on pinterest but I think it would have worked better as a photo backdrop if we hadn't blown them up so completely

omg, so cute my parents are!!!

testing to see what this blue thing is...

quickly progressing to handfuls of frosting


remember, ladies, keep those dainty pinkies out when destroying a cake

I often think Madeleine looks like my brother.  For comparison's sake, this is him on his first birthday.

up please
she loves books

Friday, April 26, 2013

Madeleine + Sugar = not again anytime soon

here's how I finally let Madeleine try honest to god sugar for the first time (and why I won't be that stupid in the near future)...
not Madeleine

Today for lunch we three were in town (montpelier) and decided to get some Thai food for lunch.  There is a phenomenal smelling sort of hole-in-the-wall place that always serves just 2 or 3 dishes they have previously made in big batches.  I have stopped in many times but have been told that what they're serving is actually spicy.  I was a little worried as a nursing mom, and a little worried today as I wasn't sure what to feed her that wouldn't get her eyes watering, but mostly, I just don't like eating spicy foods.
It's not fun for me to sit there with my mouth tingling in an incredibly painful way while my eyes water and my nose runs and i can't really taste what I'm chewing b/c all I can taste is burning.

I know many people/cultures like spicy foods, but the appeal is a mystery to me.
But Zack really wanted to eat there, so I said fine.  Also, they had rice and spring rolls so there was stuff for Madeleine to eat.
fast-forward 20 minutes and I've used all the napkins to blow my nose and my lips feel twice their normal size.  I will say this: the food was incredibly good!  But I was sort of reminded of being in labor with how the world just kind of telescoped down to the fact that my mouth was burning.

now in perhaps the most genius placement moves in the history of all business, there is a gelato place right next door.
this is the gelato place on State street
I am not really a gelato fan (why eat anything else when Cold Stone and Ben & Jerry's exist??) but i had one new imperative: dear sweet baby jesus help my mouth!  And I knew cold, sweet gelato was the way to go.  So we head next door (along with several other people who had just been eating at the thai spot, I'd like to add) and I order some salted caramel gelato.
so good.
so not burn-y anymore.

And I am in such a good mood since my mouth has stopped tormenting me, and I'm holding sweet baby in my arms, I think "you know, I bet she'd love this" and I give her a taste.
it will probably not surprise anyone in the universe that Madeleine did, in fact, love the gelato.  And want more.  I gave her a little more.  And Zack, who had tried the lemon ricotta gelato gave madeleine his sample.  And she loved that too.

fast forward 3 minutes.
also not Madeleine, but close enough in spirit to her little sugar rush
suddenly Madeleine was just off the walls.  Wired.  Loud.  bouncy.  Manic.  I just looked at Zack and said "this is why I don't want her eating sugar." and shook my head until she crashed.

but it was fun :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

today's shots from town

My cousin does a better job at this, she'll post pictures that she took over the course of a week or a month.  Me?  No, I have 15 from today I have to show the interworld NOW.  Just how we roll.

here are the few shots I managed to take while trying to keep her from running into traffic (it's gonna be a long summer, y'all!)
Kerry, you can tell Saia that there's is a Winnie the Pooh quote chiseled into the wall  outside the children's library here

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Birthday Celebration

just a small gathering tonight.  Mom (my mom) got home from a 2 week work trip, and we just had some "cupcakes" w/ Madeleine.  The cupcakes were my cousin Kerry's maple syrup muffins and the "frosting" was just cream cheese blended w/ apple juice concentrate.
still gave her a bit of a sugar buzz.

I also gave cards to my mom, dad, and brother to thank them for all their incredible support this past year.  I got a card for Madeleine too, but instead of giving it to her I wrote a letter in it and sealed it to give to her when she's older.  I'm going to make an album with all the cards people have sent her this and future years and I'll put the letter from me in it.

Ok, enough chatter.  Here are the pics:

this one's my favorite

an early easter bunny from GrandmaMel