Wednesday, March 27, 2013

today's shots from town

My cousin does a better job at this, she'll post pictures that she took over the course of a week or a month.  Me?  No, I have 15 from today I have to show the interworld NOW.  Just how we roll.

here are the few shots I managed to take while trying to keep her from running into traffic (it's gonna be a long summer, y'all!)
Kerry, you can tell Saia that there's is a Winnie the Pooh quote chiseled into the wall  outside the children's library here

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Birthday Celebration

just a small gathering tonight.  Mom (my mom) got home from a 2 week work trip, and we just had some "cupcakes" w/ Madeleine.  The cupcakes were my cousin Kerry's maple syrup muffins and the "frosting" was just cream cheese blended w/ apple juice concentrate.
still gave her a bit of a sugar buzz.

I also gave cards to my mom, dad, and brother to thank them for all their incredible support this past year.  I got a card for Madeleine too, but instead of giving it to her I wrote a letter in it and sealed it to give to her when she's older.  I'm going to make an album with all the cards people have sent her this and future years and I'll put the letter from me in it.

Ok, enough chatter.  Here are the pics:

this one's my favorite

an early easter bunny from GrandmaMel

Monday, March 25, 2013

new camera

I got a new camera.

wait, let me say that in a font more reflective of my excitement:

I got a camera!

(hmm, apparently blogspot is saving money by not offering very exciting fonts)

when my camera died around thanksgiving, I started looking around at what cameras I might consider to replace it on the magical day someone handed me some money.  At first it was all an overwhelming mush b/c they all seemed pretty much the same.  Even the guy at the Best Buy said that the regular point and shoots were really mostly the same.  But I asked a few friends who frequently post gorgeous photos on facebook what I should consider.  My friend Rob pointed me to the Olympic PEN E-PM1 and when my tax returns came in, I bought it.

Eventually I will have to figure out how to do more than turn it on, point it in a direction, and take a photo, but as of now that is all I can do and I'm STILL taking better pictures than I have in years!!

so here are some of the shots that I've taken.
obviously, most are of the darling girl...
camera just out of the box, maybe the 4th photo I took

just chillin at the Maple Corner Store while momma plays with the new toy

dramatic tone on a still baby
dramatic tone on a moving baby
aka: how to photograph a demon
dramatic tone on daddy -- weird to see him w/ brown eyes

so much brains in there!

mall photo shoot -- excellent light