Tuesday, November 24, 2015

100 Days

It's been 100 days with a new relationship with sugar.  I actually have had sugar a few times; I had some pumpkin bread with chocolate chips on halloween and the last time I went to Chicago I had a brilliant piece of cheesecake (that I split with my daughter and still we could not finish it!!).  But mostly I don't eat sugar unless it's in fruit.

As of this morning I'm officially down 30 pounds for the year.

It's been strange these past three weeks because I got sick right after halloween and no one knows what's wrong with me (though the best guess they have is Colitis).  I have no appetite and I get sick after eating so I'm not eating very much, so you'd think I'd at least be dropping weight as a bonus for all this trouble, but not so much.  I go in for a colonoscopy in a week (sexaaayyyyyy!) and hopefully will have some answers and go back to feeling healthy soon.

Just wanted to let everyone know it's been 100 days.
I don't really have any time to do more.