Monday, July 6, 2015

day two... vague optimism

So I have made it through 2 consecutive days counting points for Weight Watchers.  I stayed within my daily allotment.  I exercised.  I didn't eat anything remotely junky.

I'm... pleased.

For so weeks (months?) now I have felt so surly about the idea of saying no to chocolate.  It felt so pointless.  But it clicked in my head this past weekend that I would have been losing weight this whole time (or at the VERY least stayed as slim as I was at the start of May, but more likely continued to lose weight).
So why have I opted to be grumpy and eat chocolate and be mad at myself?
Seriously what on earth is that about?!

Either way, I didn't eat anything questionable yesterday or today.  I kept my portion sizes reasonable.  I have been hungry for meals when they came around (now that I think about it I'm hungry now but I don't want to wander through my parents house because it's creepy in the dark).  And I feel cheerier.  Ready to make it through tomorrow and not eat crap again.

wish me luck!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Phoenix/lazarus/zombie blog

I don't know if anyone in my life still follows this page but I've been thinking of using it as a place to talk about struggles (successes?) with my Weight Watchers journey.

Any objections?