Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Birthday Celebration

just a small gathering tonight.  Mom (my mom) got home from a 2 week work trip, and we just had some "cupcakes" w/ Madeleine.  The cupcakes were my cousin Kerry's maple syrup muffins and the "frosting" was just cream cheese blended w/ apple juice concentrate.
still gave her a bit of a sugar buzz.

I also gave cards to my mom, dad, and brother to thank them for all their incredible support this past year.  I got a card for Madeleine too, but instead of giving it to her I wrote a letter in it and sealed it to give to her when she's older.  I'm going to make an album with all the cards people have sent her this and future years and I'll put the letter from me in it.

Ok, enough chatter.  Here are the pics:

this one's my favorite

an early easter bunny from GrandmaMel

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