Monday, March 25, 2013

new camera

I got a new camera.

wait, let me say that in a font more reflective of my excitement:

I got a camera!

(hmm, apparently blogspot is saving money by not offering very exciting fonts)

when my camera died around thanksgiving, I started looking around at what cameras I might consider to replace it on the magical day someone handed me some money.  At first it was all an overwhelming mush b/c they all seemed pretty much the same.  Even the guy at the Best Buy said that the regular point and shoots were really mostly the same.  But I asked a few friends who frequently post gorgeous photos on facebook what I should consider.  My friend Rob pointed me to the Olympic PEN E-PM1 and when my tax returns came in, I bought it.

Eventually I will have to figure out how to do more than turn it on, point it in a direction, and take a photo, but as of now that is all I can do and I'm STILL taking better pictures than I have in years!!

so here are some of the shots that I've taken.
obviously, most are of the darling girl...
camera just out of the box, maybe the 4th photo I took

just chillin at the Maple Corner Store while momma plays with the new toy

dramatic tone on a still baby
dramatic tone on a moving baby
aka: how to photograph a demon
dramatic tone on daddy -- weird to see him w/ brown eyes

so much brains in there!

mall photo shoot -- excellent light

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