Saturday, April 27, 2013

Birthday party

Madeleine and her friend Ansley

I cannot get enough of these poufy skirts!!

normally I object to putting these ludicrous things on baby girls' heads just so that people know the child in question is not a boy.  But sometimes I just cave b/c sparkles are the best!

Ukulele? now it's a party!

I think it's the shoes that make the ensemble

The cakes were made from this recipe but Madeleine's cake didn't have the glaze, and the frosting was just cream cheese mixed w/ apple juice concentrate (and food coloring, of course, she IS a Sassaman) (also, I modified the grown-up's frosting by leaving out the cinnamon and adding in lemon juice and rind.  super tasty!)

I saw this wall of balloons on pinterest but I think it would have worked better as a photo backdrop if we hadn't blown them up so completely

omg, so cute my parents are!!!

testing to see what this blue thing is...

quickly progressing to handfuls of frosting


remember, ladies, keep those dainty pinkies out when destroying a cake

I often think Madeleine looks like my brother.  For comparison's sake, this is him on his first birthday.

up please
she loves books

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