Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Alexander Days = sugar sadness

I'll admit it: today I want sugar.

It's not bad.  It's like wanting to call an ex-boyfriend that you broke up with for all the right reasons, but you had a crappy day and you just wish you could talk to him for a little bit.
But you don't.
Because you're a grown up.
blah blah blah.

So I had kind of a low-grade, crappy day.  The kind of day where things all go just wrong enough for you to be annoyed, but not wrong enough for you to be able to wring any real sympathy out of it.  The kind of day that a half pound of chocolate would make so much better.

(honestly, the worst thing that happened with my day was that I tried to make gazpacho from scratch and it turned out unpleasant, and the bread that I baked had been rising for too long and it kind of tasted like alcohol)
kitchen fail (ps I just google imaged that and it made me laugh, here are some of the images I found:)

Anyway, I didn't eat any sugar, but it's not all guns and roses.

Here's hoping FEAR THE WALKING DEAD will fix everything.

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